The Committee

Our Executive Committee members hail from all walks of life and are from all corners of the globe, but we’re all united by a collective commitment to Pro Bono. Find out more about who we are, our role in the society, and how to get in touch below!

Adani Sembiring


Adani is a final-year Law student from Indonesia. Having seen the social disparities within metropolitan communities in the likes of London and Jakarta, she hopes to build a bridge to legal access for the vulnerable (while gaining insight into leadership in law) with the Pro Bono Society. 

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Ayşe Karakurt

Senior Vice President

Ayşe is a final-year law student at Queen Mary, University of London. She is from Cyprus and is a lover of literature, philosophy, music, and conservation biology. In her free time, she enjoys singing and writing lyrics. Believes 10 minutes of soul music can make an average day into a good day and is always down for a deep conversation.

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Seerat Alag

Vice President

Seerat Alag is a second-year LLB Law student from Delhi, India. She is an ardent feminist and human rights advocate. She aims to promote judicial equality while learning more and gaining practical experience in the field of law.

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Eleni Noisiou

Administrator and Treasurer

Eleni Nousiou is a final-year law student from Greece. As the Admin and Treasurer of the Pro Bono Society, she wishes to facilitate the optimal operation of each of the Society’s departments, and thus help the society perform its dual role of both assisting people in need and equipping its members with skills necessary for successful future legal practice.

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Shelly Arad-Allan

Placements Co-Manager

Shelly is a final year law student from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Her passion to help the community and those in need motivated her to join the pro-bono society. Working as a manager in the placements department enabled her to help out the less fortunate to receive legal aid. This is through running the free legal aid clinics and providing students the opportunity to get involve, gain legal experience and give back to the community.

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Mahak Marothi

International Placements Manager

Mahak is a second-year law student. Her first Bachelor’s degree was in Business Administration. She aims to club her interests with her previous degree to explore business and law side by side. She believes in international integration and opportunities for everyone alike, thus helping everyone broaden their horizons along the way.

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Lorenzo Razzano

Placements Co-Manager

Lorenzo Razzano is a third year Law LLB student from London. He strongly believes that justice should be accessible to everyone, but sadly acknowledges that this is not the case for those most vulnerable in society. Through the placements department, he hopes to encourage students to participate in certain opportunities that would inspire them to increase access to justice for those who need it the most.

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Amirah Wells

Human Rights Co-Manager

Amirah is a second-year LLB student from London, but has grown up in Dubai and Mauritius. She is passionate about international human rights and helping those who have been denied justice. As the Human Rights Co-Manager, Amirah is excited to use her role to raise awareness of global issues and organise informative events.

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Andreea Ienei

Street Law Manager

Andreea Ana Ienei is a second year Global Law Student from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She views the Pro Bono society as the society which values your current understandings of law by giving you the platform to use them for the benefit of the society. In a world where you are made to feel that you are never enough, she finds the values of the Pro Bono society to be a vital motivator for a future professional, and I look forward to extending the work of the society in advocating for fair employment.

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Jewel Chen

Equality in Leadership Manager

Jewel Wang Chen is a second-year law student from Taiwan. As your Equality in Leadership manager, she would like to raise awareness of the under-representation of ethnic and gender minorities in the legal industry, and encourage fellow students at Queen Mary to take action and promote diversity in all fields of the legal profession. She is also passionate about contributing to the less fortunate and to the community by organising events and donation sales throughout the year; she calls for all of your help in this challenging endeavour! 

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Tasmyn Ong

Equality in Leadership Co-Manager

Tasmyn Ong is a third year Law LLB student from Brighton, UK. She is Co-Manager of the Equality in Leadership Department and the Professional Public Relations Consultant. Her dedication to Pro Bono initiatives is shown through her Baker McKenzie “Community Champion” Award for her Pro Bono and volunteering commitments. She is passionate about educating, empowering and supporting students from all backgrounds in their career progression

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Mikhayla Georgy

International Placements Co-Manager

Mikhayla Georgy is a second-year Law and Politics student who has grown up in multiple countries, but was born in Sydney, Australia. She wishes to use her position in the Pro Bono Society to help offer free legal support, in order to tackle the prevalent human rights issues we face today on a local and international scale. In addition, by collaborating with like-minded people who share the similar passions and interests, Mikhayla aims to raise awareness of these issues while broadening the society’s global exposure.

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Emily Sophia Green

International Placements Co-Manager

Emily Green is a final year law student from London, UK. For her, pro bono is all about widening the net of access to legal help, a necessity that is currently too often a privilege. She is excited to manage the International Placements Department and increase access to justice on not only a national, but global, scale.

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Sonja Rapčanová

Public Relations Manager

Sonja Rapcanova is a final year Law student with Slovakian blood but has been calling UK her home for 10 years now. She will be the PR manager for the next academic year and is excited to make law and the society’s work more accessible and engaging for everyone.

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Sebastian Wong

Green Law Manager

Sebastian Wong is a third year student studying Law with Business hailing from Hong Kong. He aims to use his voice as Green Law Manager of the QMPBS to educate the masses on the imminence and importance of the climate crisis as well as how we can improve on it through law, policy and activism.

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Courtney Pham

Charities Manager

Courtney Pham is a second year Law student from Calgary, Canada. As manager of the Charities department, she aims to give back to local boroughs as much as possible in order to aid disparities and unfair circumstances in the community.

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Martinius Enzell Tangen

Social Secretary

Martinius is a third-year LLB student. He is originally from Oslo, Norway but has also briefly lived in Hong Kong. He is interested in legal aid, criminal reform and improving access to the law, both in the UK and internationally. As Social Secretary, Martinius’ priority is to help create an inclusive and fun environment, through hosting both casual events such as pub quizzes as well as educational workshops on topics such as mental health and diversity.

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