Our Departments

Our departments cover a wide range of legal and professional topics and issues. The following is a summary of their function within the society and how to get in contact with them.


The placements department provides members with the opportunity to apply to and secure places on highly sought after placements that provide students the opportunity to get involved with Pro Bono legal work throughout the year. Past placement opportunities have been provided in partnership with Reed Smith, Dentons, Clifford Chance, and DLA Piper.

Email: placements@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

International Placements

The International Placements department has year on year offered students the opportunity to be involved in Pro Bono work abroad. With leading law firms and pro bono clinic connections across the globe, the placements have provided invaluable legal experience, cultural enrichment, and networking opportunities. In previous years, they have offered placements in Singapore, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Kenya, Ghana, China, Mongolia, South Africa and Argentina.

Email: internationalplacements@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

Human Rights

The Human Rights Department raises awareness about current human rights issues, stimulates the exchange of information and opinions between students and human rights experts and academics, and offers opportunities, such as placements and workshops, to our members in order to further enhance their knowledge of Human Rights and promote their participation in the field.

Email: humanrights@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

Green Law

The Green Law Department aims to provide education on environmental issues, demonstrate how urgent the current climate crisis is, make Queen Mary a pioneer in sustainability, and create opportunities for students to learn more about a career in environmental law through placements and panels.

Email: greenlaw@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

Street Law

The fundamental aim of the Street Law department is to provide support, education, and guidance to our immediate community.

Email: streetlaw@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

Equality in Leadership

Formerly its own society, Equality in Leadership has chosen to affiliate with Pro Bono. The department aims to encourage everyone, regardless of their background, to pursue their dream careers with confidence, connect members with diverse people in industry, and promote diversity and inclusion. This year, the department plans to host workshops on racial inequality, raise money for non-profits that champion diversity, run a session on how to write to your MP, and host presentations from law firms who prioritise and champion diversity and inclusion.

Email: equalityinleadership@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

Public Relations

Public Relations advertises and promotes our events on our social media channels and manages communication with students and societies. This year, the department plans to make the conversation about law more accessible, comprehensive, and relevant by creating an intellectually stimulating legal conversation online. The department hopes to achieve this by launching an exciting new educational platform that focuses on the meaning of pro bono, the role of law in day-do-day life as well as its role in global political issues.

Email: publicrelations@queenmaryprobono.co.uk

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